My story

In July 2018 I've bought my first camera ever! Few months later I realised this is something I would like to do for a lifetime. My passion and excitement of exploring new places, meeting new people is getting bigger and bigger. And that's why I decided to become a photographer who would create art for my soul and the others.

Advanced selfie

Advanced selfie is a style of self-photography that I like the most. Discovering from which angles I look the most photogenic is a challenge and that's why I enjoy taking photos of myself even more.

Deeper meaning

There is always a story behind every photo I take. A story with deeper meaning. When I do self-portraits I try to express my emotions, the way I feel. Sometimes I'm jumping around full of joy, sometimes I'm sad and confused. But aren't we all? Yes, we are. And that's why I am sharing this little piece of photography art with you.

Welcome to the "advanced selfie" gallery! Try to think what's the deeper meaning of these photos below. Enjoy!